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Sea Whisperer—Empath Series Book One
Sea Whisperer—Empath Series Book One

As an author, the most challenging part of being an independent novelist is publishing. Have I missed the first step—writing? Maybe, but I love the writing process, the creative juices flowing, characters jumping off the page, and scenes appearing in my imagination as my fingers fly across the keyboard. For me, writing isn’t work; it’s fun. The work begins after the writing is done.

My first novel came out about ten years ago. Since then, I’ve written four more novels in two different genres—YA and Adult Crime. Cool— five novels sitting on the shelf (actually my computer) waiting to be published.

I’ve chosen Amazon’s platform to publish my novels. I’m fortunate. I have a wonderful editor who holds my hand every time I venture into the KDP world. She keeps me from slitting my wrists during the review, edit, cover design, upload, and publish process. But wait, there’s more.

After publishing, one must jump into marketing. I’m still learning the art of novel marketing. I have a small advantage. For over twenty years, I ran a technical software marketing company. That experience gave me the foundation for marketing my novels, but the devil is in the details. That is where I’m mucking around now: advertise, analyze, edit, and advertise again.

Over the next several months, I’ll update my progress and throw out a few pointers as I learn them. The first novel in my Empath series—Sea Whisperer, is already published. Ads have run for several months on what was KDP Advertising, but is now The cost so far? About $350 with five books sold. Not a good return, but think of it as continuing education. Each week, I’ll review ad results, fine-tune the message, narrow the focus on keywords and phrases that produce results, and keep you posted on how it goes.

Getting from the first word of a new novel to the last word of advertising is a great deal of work. I believe that a well written novel, independently published, with good marketing, can be successful. I hope to demonstrate that.

So, why am I doing this? Oh, yes, to support the joy of writing. Until my next post, stay safe, be well, keep smiling, and be social—from a distance.

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Nickolai Vasilieff is a freelance writer and author. He can be found writing in a cabin, on the banks of the Necanicum River in Northwest Oregon. In addition to small business consulting and freelance writing, he is currently finishing a Y.A. novel - The San Juan Express - to be released in 2014. Over the past forty years he has built and managed eleven companies including drafting/engineering, import/export, retail, international distribution, and business and market development for high-tech applications in the USA, Europe and Asia. Nick has also traveled to over thirty countries including a one-year around-the-world trip living out of a backpack. He draws on this experience as a consultant and an author. He currently is Managing Partner in Vasilieff Consulting Group and spends most of his time traveling and writing.

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