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Sammy Re-branding

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My original goal with the Sammy and the San Juan Express series was to complete three novels before doing any marketing. I’ve traveled each summer to do pop-up book signings and knock on book store doors, but no online ads or promotions. Starting this Spring, I’ll be initiating promotional campaigns, and the first step is redesigning the book covers. Book one, now titled, Sea Whisperer, is finished and I’m happy to share.

New domain (www.nickolaivasilieff.com)

Writer in thought
Deep in thought off the south coast of New Zealand

Yet another domain (www.nickolaivasilieff.com). I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I’m slowly builidng my platform for both freelance business writing and the release of my upcoming YA novel—Sammy and The San Juan Express. The latest addition—a new domain name. Why isn’t this easier? I’ll keep you posted and maybe we can figure this out together.

Sammy and The San Juan Express

Sammy on the Beach

Samantha (Sammy)  Carlisle’s world is turned upside down with the traumatic death of her mother. Her father, a gulf war veteran, is lost in anger and alcoholism. At thirteen Sammy is alone, frightened and abandoned. In her most desperate moment, she and her seven year old brother are sent to live with their Uncle Teddy, a bush pilot, in the San Juan Islands. The adventure begins.

Just two weeks in the Islands and Sammy’s world transforms from absolute  grief to an awakening that leads to a fight for survival and if she succeeds, finding herself.

Along the way she meets a federal agent who in her words, “looks like a female Indiana Jones,” she meets a pathologist from the National Animal Crime Scene Investigation unit, meets a woman who, through experiencing a similar loss,  becomes a sister, and encounters a marine biologist whose southern drawl carries Sammy to the realization that she can do anything.

Most importantly, Sammy discovers  a special sensitivity to animals that opens doors to a new world. “You’re special,” her mother told her, and she now learns just how special she is.

Sammy also finds plenty of trouble along the way. “There are pirates in these waters,” Uncle Teddy told her, and she soon learns how dangerous modern day pirates can be. Thugs and killers might have been a better description. Whether she lives or dies depends on her wits and courage, and on the new family she’s gathered around her.

High adventure on the high-seas of the San Juan Islands. A must read for any eight to fourteen year old.