What I Do

nickharbinAs an author, my goal is to touch the reader, to inspire an emotional response, and tell a darn good story. I want the reader to lose themselves in the adventure.

In my current work,  Sammy and the San Juan Express, the thirteen year old protagonist has just experienced the trauma of her mother’s death. She is sent to live with her uncle, a bush pilot in the San Juan Islands. Alone, abandoned by her family, and terribly frightened, she must now navigate a new landscape without a compass. This coming of age, young-adult (middle-grade) novel is an emotional roller coaster filled with heartbreak, renewal, courage, and plenty of death defying adventure. (To be released in 2015.) I am also currently working on several travel related short stories for publication in magazines.

As a freelance writer, I work in three capacities:

Travel related stories and reviews for magazines: I have traveled to over thirty countries, including a one-year trip around the world, living out of a backpack. Today I travel often and record my experiences, and those of others, in short stories and smaller dispatches for airline, travel, backpacker and other magazines. 

Business: I work with companies to prepare product or company articles, PR, executive profiles, business marketing and biographical material for publication in magazines and marketing portfolios. My job is to present your company  and products in the most professional and interesting way. As with a short story, novel or memoir, your business material can and should be written with the same interest and professional technique.   

I write and publish Short Stories and Novels on a range of topics.