Who I Am


Nickolai Vasilieff is a freelance writer and author of middle grade, young adult, and adult novels. When not traveling to exotic locations, he can be found bent over his computer, in a cabin on the banks of the Necanicum River, in Northwest Oregon, USA. In addition to freelance writing and consulting, he is currently working on the third book in the young adult series – Sammy and The San Juan Express. He also has two other fiction novels in the works and a zillion more banging around in his head.

In prior lives, he has founded and managed eleven companies including marketing, PR, advertising, consulting (basically telling people what to do), and business development in the USA, Europe and Asia. In additional to his novels, he has published numerous articles, interviews and reports in various magazines. Nick loves spending time with sharks and fish at depth, is a private pilot, spends ridiculous amounts of time hiking and kayaking, and has traveled to over forty countries, including a one-year around the world trip living out of a backpack. Educated in business management, electronic engineering, and writing, he has advanced studies in psychology and creative writing. His wide range of experience provides the foundation for his articles, short stories and novels.

“I am motivated by the goodness of humanity and incorporate that in all my work,” He says. “I also include some of the not so good.”