Who I Am

smiling-nickNickolai Vasilieff is a freelance writer and author of middle grade, young adult, and adult novels. He can be found bent over his computer in a cabin, on the banks of the Necanicum River, in Northwest Oregon, USA. In addition to freelance writing and consulting, he is currently working on a new young adult series – Sammy and The San Juan Express, and has two other fiction novels in the works.

In prior lives, he has founded and managed eleven companies including marketing, PR, advertising, and business development in the USA, Europe and Asia. During his over twenty year career as a marketing consultant, he published numerous articles, interviews and reports in various magazines. Nick is also a private pilot who has  traveled to over forty countries, including a one-year around the world trip living out of a backpack. Educated in business management, electronic engineering, and writing, he has advanced studies in psychology and creative writing. His wide range of experience provides the foundation for his business writing, articles, short stories and novels. He currently spends most of his time traveling, reading, and writing.

VISIT OUR SISTER SITE: Sammy and the San Juan Express for more information on current novels published by Nickolai Vasilieff.

Author Statement: My passion is sharing my history and experience through writing. I love the structure of literature and creating imaginary worlds in which the reader travels through time and space. In my Sammy and the San Juan Express series the protagonist is a fifteen year old girl who, through travel and an unusual ability to communicate with animals, is thrown into hair-raising adventures that both challenge her creativity and thrust her into life threatening situations. I especially enjoy middle-grade and young-adult fiction where the imagination of youth is combined with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and adventure, and where confidence is fragile yet boundless. Creating challenges through which characters grow in mind and spirit is a constant objective, along with spinning a good tale, of course.

When I’m not bent over my computer in imaginary worlds, I enjoy consulting with individuals and companies to create professional quality articles, interviews and profiles that  promote their activities and organization.